V Style BTS Recording ‘Music Bank’ Just Like An Office Man, How To Wear Shoes To Make Salfok

The Recording For ‘Music Bank’ Was Done On The Same Day As The Release Of The Album ‘Proof.’ While The Members Arrived At The KBS Building In Turn, The Reporters Were Ready With Their Cameras.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recorded for their performance on ” Music Bank ” next weekend. V ‘s appearance while heading to the KBS building successfully attracted attention.

As is well known, BTS has just released the highly anticipated group anthology album, “Proof.” The group made by Big Hit Music released the music video for the album’s title track “Yet To Come” on June 10, 2022.

BTS is scheduled to appear on music shows this coming weekend. This is their first appearance on a music show after two years since “ON” was released in 2020. All performances will be pre-recorded.

The recording for their performance on “Music Bank” was done on the same day as the release of the album ‘Proof.’ While the members arrived at the KBS building in turn, the reporters were ready with their cameras.

As usual, V appeared with his own iconic style. The owner of the name Kim Taehyung wears a beige shirt that is neatly tucked into brown cloth pants with matching leather shoes.

V’s appearance may be reminiscent of the style of office men in general. But because this is V BTS, the style of an office man can look good in the public eye.

But the way V wears his shoes stole the attention of netizens. The 1995-born idol stepped on the back of his leather shoes, as people usually do when wearing sneakers.

“The fact that the shoes may cost more than my whole life, but I can relate to the claustrophobic side of the shoes,” commented a netizen. “Wearing leather shoes like this is something I’ve just seen,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS will appear on all major music shows of major TV stations, except for MBC. BTS’ appearance on “Music Bank” will be broadcast on June 17.

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