Very Good, Here’s How Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min A Support Junior Agency

Recently, A Young Actor Named Choi Woo Sung Revealed The Goodness Of Shin Min A And Kim Woo Bin Who Are Seniors At His Agency. Here’s The Full Narrative.

Shin Min A and Kim Woo Bin are known as one celebrity couple with good personalities. There have been many people who have exposed their kindness, one of them is a young actor named Choi Woo Sung.

On Friday (24/6), Choi Woo Sung appeared as a guest on the SBS Power FM radio show “Cinetown”. He came with senior actress Na Moon Hee to promote their new film ” My Perfect Roommate “.

At first, they were asked about how he felt while filming the film. Choi Woo Sung admitted that he was very nervous because this was his first film.

He said, “‘My Perfect Roommate’ was my first film, so I was very nervous throughout filming. I was even more nervous because I had to act with a veteran actress.”

“My character is a student who lives in Na Moon Hee’s character’s house,” said Choi Woo Sung. “At first, I thought I was just one of the many students living there, but I turned out to be the main character. I was very surprised when I found out.”

Park Ha Sun then asked Shin Min A and Kim Woo Bin ‘s response to Choi Woo Sung’s film debut, considering that they were under the same agency, AM Entertainment.

He said, “Some say that Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min A gave you a lot of support when you were filming ‘My Perfect Roommate’. Really? I believe they are under the same agency as you.”

Choi Woo Sung also confirmed it. She shared that the couple gave her genuine motivation when she was under stress, for which she felt very grateful.

He revealed, “Ah, yes. Since this is my first film, I keep telling myself to let go of some pressure. It’s not like I’m going around and telling everyone how I feel, but I think Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min A can understand how I feel. .”

“When I met them at our agency, they told me not to let myself get too stressed out like that. They said, ‘That’s something you want to do, isn’t it? Just show them what you’ve got.’ I am very grateful for their support,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Choi Woo Sung is a young actor who debuted through the drama ” At Eighteen ” in 2019. He then appeared in several hit dramas including ” The King: Eternal Monarch “, ” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay “, ” My Roommate “. Is A Gumiho “, ” Police University “, ” Melancholia ” and many more.

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