Viral Role Of Defectors In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, 8 Portraits Of Slay Kim Hieora

Kim Hieora’s Outstanding Acting In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Has Attracted The Attention Of The Audience. This Beautiful Actress Plays Gye Hyang Sim, A North Korean Defector Who Stumbles Upon A Robbery Case In South Korea.

Kim Hieora made a cameo appearance in the episode ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” which aired on Thursday (14/7). He plays a North Korean defector named Gye Hyang Sim, who stumbles upon a robbery case in South Korea. The case is then handled by Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) and Choi Soo Yeon ( Ha Yoon Kyung ).

Unexpectedly Kim Hieora’s extraordinary acting attracted the attention of the audience until it went viral . Kim Hieora showed great charisma and naturally expressed her character’s various emotions. That’s why he can balance Park Eun Bin’s acting well. Viewers who were impressed by Kim Hieora’s acting then flooded her with various praise comments.

Kim Hieora is currently a hot topic of conversation after going viral. Investigate a calibaration, Km Hera is a rookie actress. He played in various popular dramas as a supporting actor. Kim Hieora appeared on the small screen in 2021 through the dramas ” Beyond Evil ” and ” Hospital Playlist 2 “.

On the other hand, far from her motherly-looking character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Kim Hieora actually has a boyish style. He also slays with various styles of clothing that he wears. Take a peek at the photo!

1. With Blonde Hair

Kim Hieora looks stunning in the portrait above. Interestingly, he looks different with his hairstyle every day. Kim Hieora is beautiful with her short shoulder-length blonde hair.

2. Dazzle With Look Boyish

Kim Hieora seemed to be hanging out at a cafe. In his statement, he promoted a cafe that was known to belong to his friend. Kim Hieora’s appearance with a boyish look also stole the attention. He combines jeans, crop top, outer as a shirt with sneakers. Kim Hieora’s appearance is more slay with a black beret hat on her head.

3. Look Elegant And Glamor

Very glamorous, Kim Hieora wore a combination of white clothing in the form of a suit with a black crop top. She also added dangling earrings in white to match her appearance. Especially with the hairstyle that is styled like in the photo, Kim Hieora is as elegant as a chaebol princess.

4. Rookie Actress

Kim Hieora made her small screen debut by starring in the drama “Beyond Evil” as Bang Ju-Seon. In the same year, he also played in “Hospital Playlist 2″ as a cameo. Kim Hieora then played in the drama ” Bad and Crazy ” as Boss Yong and co-starred with Wi Ha Joon . Recently he also made a cameo appearance in the drama ” Forecasting Love and Weather ” starring Song Kang and Park Min Young .

5. Ageless Charm

Kim Hieora was born on March 18, 1989, where she is currently at the age of three. Even so, he looks youthful and stunning at his current age. Especially with the fashion style he wears, Kim Hieora is getting more complete.

6. Reportedly Join ‘The Uncanny Counter’

The drama ” The Uncanny Counter ” is confirmed to be continuing into the next season. Kim Hieora is rumored to be joining the drama, which is gaining great popularity because it is considered a “Korean-style hero drama”. While the players of the previous season, Kim Sejeong and Jo Byeong Gyu , will also play in “The Uncanny Counter” season 2.

7. Likes To Hangout

Judging from his Instagram upload, Kim Hieora seems to like to hangout. He has been caught several times uploading moments in cafes or Instagramable places. Kim Hieora is also an active person on social media. He has Instagram and Twitter accounts.

8. Steal The Show In ‘Bad And Crazy’

Kim Hieora’s appearance as Boss Yong in “Bad and Crazy” attracted the attention of fans. No doubt his acting in every role looks so natural. Kim Hieora presents the figure of Boss Yong who is a drug gang in “Bad and Crazy”. Many praised Kim Hieora’s acting in the comments column.

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