Wearing Clothes 8 Years Ago, Jimin BTS’s Appearance In The 2022 FESTA Portrait Surprises Netizens

Jimin Not Only Wore The Clothes That Were Talked About A Lot In BTS’ Historic Moment 8 Years Ago, He Also Showed A Huge Difference In His Appearance.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) has released a new family portrait for their FESTA 2022 event series. Jimin BTS successfully surprised netizens with his appearance.

As usual, June is BTS month. The group fronted by seven people spoiled ARMY with a lot of content in order to celebrate their debut anniversary on June 13.

FESTA’s mandatory agenda is family portraits. This year, BTS went down memory lane wearing outfits that represent seven historical moments in their careers for one of the photo shoot series.

Of all the members, Jimin’s appearance seems to have attracted the attention of fans the most. Not only did she wear the clothes that were talked about a lot back then, but she also showed a huge difference when it came to her appearance.

Jimin chose his look from a historic award ceremony for BTS. Jimin looked exactly the same as when they won their first Rookie Award at the 2014 Golden Disc Awards.

At that time, Jimin who was only 19 years old had a lot of baby fat on his face. Her appearance looks very childish but adorable.

It’s been over eight years now, and Jimin has turned 26. The 2022 FESTA family portrait really shows how mature Jimin has grown over the years.

“Wow, he’s grown up really well,” commented netizens. “Her aura has completely changed. But her clothes still look good on her,” added another netizen. “His image has changed completely, but he’s still cute,” wrote netizens.

“I don’t understand how he can have this sexy aura on him? This is impressive,” said another. “He is extraordinary and he grows well. His eyes are so sexy. His face is really my type,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS has just released the much-anticipated group anthology album, “Proof.” The group made by Big Hit Music released the music video for the album’s title track “Yet To Come.”

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