What will happen to Amber Heard if she can’t pay compensation to Johnny Depp

The popular and controversial American actress has expressed through her lawyers that it is “impossible” for her to pay the sum of money that the jury ruled to cancel her ex-husband. Reason why the actress will be facing a large series of problems that address even her net worth.

Amber Heard has been sentenced to pay compensation of about 10.4 million dollars (about 10 million euros) to her ex-husband, the legendary actor Johnny Depp.

On the day of the final verdict, only the actress was present at the Fairfax courthouse, where she tried to contain her emotions after reading what she considers a “humiliating” verdict. Johnny was in the city of London, England.

The actress is expected to appeal the amount that has been imposed on her as compensation since, as her lawyer has assured, she will not be able to face the almost ten million euros that have been imposed on her. This is because Amber’s fortune is currently valued at only $8 million.

“No checks will be written until the case is finally resolved,” Elaine Bredehoft, the actress’s lawyer , told The Post newspaper, assuring that the legal battle was far from over and that they can provide new evidence that would be decisive, such as medical tests or more messages from his assistants:

“What this jury has said is that if you didn’t record it, it never happened.”

As mentioned by Heard’s own lawyer during her conclusions, the actress would have already spent more than six million dollars only on the costs of the trial, so she would be unable to meet this new debt.

The lawyer in which the appeal of the case considerably reduces the amount to pay. Thus, there could be different scenarios in which even Johnny forgives the debt to his ex-wife. Since on several occasions the actor has expressed that in the end, this is not just a matter of money.

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