White & Clean Skin Winter Aespa When Appearing In ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ Successfully Steals Focus

Winter Aespa’s Bright Skin When Appearing In The Latest Episode Of ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ Managed To Steal The Focus. Take A Peek At Her Gorgeous Looks In The News Below.

Aespa members appeared as guest stars on the latest episode of the MBC program ” Omniscient Interfering View ” which aired on Saturday (9/7). Through this program, fans can see the daily lives of the members.

In her spare time, Aespa is seen visiting the Han River park wearing comfortable clothes. They also show a simple side by sitting on a mat while enjoying ramen like young people in general.

Despite having an ideal body, Aespa apparently doesn’t really care about diet. It’s as Karina says , “We don’t control our diet.”

After that they had a friendly chat while joking with each other. That’s why they also emit the vibe of a student relaxing in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.

The pleasant atmosphere was also clearly reflected on the faces of the members. Because their visuals look very beautiful, charming and shining even though they are in a crowded public place.

The members shine with their own individual charms, and Winter catches the eye with his impressive skin tone. When outdoors, the 21-year-old idol’s skin looks very bright, white and clean as if it can dazzle anyone who looks at it.

Winter’s appearance looks even more impressive because the combination of white skin and blonde hair makes her look like a princess. Her beauty is even more perfect in close up shots , so that the astonished audience couldn’t help but exclaim.

Meanwhile, AESPA has just made a comeback by releasing the mini album “Girls” with the title track of the same name. “Girls” is a dance song with a strong swaying bass and a rough synth sound, making it sound so addictive.

Not long ago aespa also appeared on the United States talk show ” Jimmy Kimmel Live! “. There, they met Hollywood’s top actress-singer Paris Hilton .

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