Why did Avatar 2 take so long to make?

Avatar has the highest grossing of all time in the history of cinema and it’s not for less! James Cameron ‘s work had incredible special effects at a time when technology was nowhere near as advanced as we know it today.

The feature film is finally getting a sequel after nearly 13 years, and excellence remains an important criterion for this and the next three films already commissioned in the saga. If you’re a fan who’s been waiting for so long, AdoroCinema tell you why it took so long!

Regardless of Avatar being the biggest blockbuster of all time, there is still a need to gauge public interest in possible late sequels after so many years since the original release . Still, thinking about meeting the urgent demand of the audience, James Cameron could have risked delivering a new film immediately, but without the preparation and quality of the original. These kinds of questions weighed heavily on Fox’s decision regarding the Avatar sequel , making them question whether it was possible to achieve the excellence of the original feature film in such a short amount of time.

Avatar is the result of a long pre- and post-production work that set the film apart from all others of its time. Perfectionist as James Cameron is, the director waited for the improvement of technology to bring the Avatar sequel to another technical and aesthetic level and, who knows, make another feature film ahead of its time, with better special effects and CGI.

In 2011, James Cameron reported that he would like to shoot the Avatar sequel at a higher frame rate, a feature made popular with The Hobbit , released by Peter Jackson the following year. In 2016, the visionary and futuristic director mentioned the possibility of shooting a 3D movie without the glasses. What was done in Avatar in terms of special effects have become common features in today’s cinema, and now the filmmaker wants to go further and launch new trends – which are only possible with the increasing advancement of technology. For the second Avatar

movie , James Cameron had the ambition to create a new universe set in the depths of the sea — something that has been his fascination for some years, as we can see in Titanic and Ghosts of the Abyss . In general, underwater effects have always been difficult to replicate in cinema, even photographing and capturing motion (even with the technology of all sorts of waterproof devices). Now, the director says he has found the perfect method for the underwater scenes, and that’s why production on the sequel has moved forward.

In Avatar: The Way of Water , ten years after Pandora’s first battle between the Na’vi and the humans, Jake Sully ( Sam Worthington )) lives peacefully with his family and his tribe. He and Ney’tiri have formed a family and are doing everything they can to stay together, due to marital problems and roles that each has to play within the tribe.

However, they must leave their home and explore the regions of Pandora, heading to the sea and making pacts with other Na’vi in ​​the region. When an ancient threat resurfaces, Jake must wage an uphill war against the humans again. Even with difficulty, Jake ends up making new allies — some of whom already live among the Na’vi and others with new avatars. Even with a war going on, Jake and Ney’tiri will have to do everything to stay together and take care of their family and their tribe.

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