‘Why Her’ And ‘Bloody Heart’ Slightly Different, These Are The IMDb Drama Scores For The First Half Of 2022

In 2022, K-Drama Fans Have Been Spoiled By A Number Of Interesting Works. ‘Why Her’ And ‘Bloody Heart’ Are Slightly Different, This Is The Drama Score On IMDb.

The first half of 2022 has been filled with interesting K-Dramas. In addition to obtaining ratings when broadcast on television, drama quality is also determined from viewers’ ratings, one of which is on the IMDb website.

There are 10 2022 Korean dramas that are able to exceed 8 on IMDb. Some of the dramas even have slight differences such as ” Bloody Heart ” with ” Why Her ” and ” From Now Showtime! “. Check out the full score of the top 10 Korean dramas on IMDb below.

” Shooting Stars ” starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae scored 8.1. This story about the male lead as a superstar and the people behind his fame has meaningful and funny moments despite only getting a rating of 1.7 percent in Korea. Moreover, this drama is supported by the overflowing chemistry of the main partner.

Lee Jun Ki’s drama , ” Again My Life ” earned a score of 8.1 on IMDb for the stories and amazing acting of the actors. The drama, which tells the story of revenge and presents various political schemes and mind battles, has scored an impressive rating in Korea. The final episode alone scored more than 12 percent.

Furthermore, the star-studded onmibus drama ” Our Blues ” scored 8.2 with its simple, heart-wrenching, yet meaningful stories. Starring Lee Byung Hun , Kim Woo Bin , Han Ji Min , Shin Min A and many more, this drama ended with a proud rating of 14.6 percent.

Then ” Business Proposal ” got a score of 8.2 after carrying the classic romantic comedy genre that was a cliché like a drama from the 2000s. The drama, starring Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop , tends to be light and suitable to be enjoyed while relaxing.

” Love All Play ” may not get much attention in Korea or internationally, but it manages to score 8.3 percent on IMDb. Following the story of badminton athletes Park Tae Yang ( Park Ju Hyun ) and Park Tae Jun ( Chae Jong Hyeop ), this drama is about the lives, dreams, and romance of young players.

Then there is ” My Liberation Notes ” about the story of the release of the 3 Yeom brothers and the people around them which earned a score of 8.4 percent. Meanwhile, the story of the growth of young people after the 1998 IMF crisis, ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One ” shows a score that is quite far at 8.7 percent.

In second and third place, “From Now Showtime” and “Why Her” scored 8.8 percent. Although not much talked about, “From Now Showtime” starring Park Hae Jin is attractive with a witty sense of humor, a storyline with a fresh supernatural smell.

“Why Her” garnered a lot of attention for its strong female play and experienced a downfall. Seo Hyun Jin plays Oh Soo Jae who climbs up his career as a lawyer but quickly loses everything after one tragic incident. His love story with Gong Chan, played by Hwang In Yeop is also in the spotlight.

Lastly, the historical fiction drama “Bloody Heart” got the highest score at 8.9 percent. As the title suggests, the drama, starring Lee Joon and Kang Han Na , tells a tragic romance full of political rebellion, moral debates and difficult decisions. Apart from the tragic story, the drama also received critical acclaim for the direction, cinematography and acting of the actors.

This IMDb K-Drama score ranking tends to be surprising because it reveals good works that are not reflected through popularity or ratings. Which one do you like the most?

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