Winter Aespa Style When Leaving For Japan Becomes A Discussion, This Is What Netizens Say

Winter Looks Like A Character From A Fantasy Novel, Stunning With His Fairy-Like Visuals. When The Photos Were Posted, Netizens Couldn’t Stop Flooding Them With Comments.

aespa captured the hearts of netizens around the world, and it seems like not a day goes by without a member going viral in some way. In particular, one of the members who recently made a scene on the internet is Winter .

The aespa members recently traveled to Japan for the “SMTOWN LIVE 2022” concert at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo. At the moment of their departure at Gimpo Airport, Winter’s beautiful appearance caught the eye.

Even though all the members are shining, Winter really stands out as people call his visuals “legendary”, especially with his hairstyle. In the photos shared online, the idol seems to exude a sweet impression and positive vibe despite being hidden behind a mask.

In the photos circulating, Winter looks like a character from a fantasy novel, stunning with his fairy-like visuals. When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t stop flooding them with comments.

On various forum sites, netizens shared how legendary Winter’s visuals are, adding that his hairstyle suits the idol very well. Some even explained that she could easily be considered Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon ‘s younger sister .

“Winter looks very innocent with that hair… She is very beautiful,” commented netizens. “Who made his hair brown? Please earn a lot of money ,” said another netizen. “The clothes are also beautiful … Winter is beautiful,” said another.

“He looks like the character of ‘Twilight’… He fits really well,” said a netizen. “I thought his Next Level hair was definitely his best hair, but I was wrong…” another commented. “Winter seriously changes her aura with her hair but she is just as beautiful but different,” added another.

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