Winwin NCT Tells The Story Of The Strict Diet Of The Trainees Until The ‘Tragedy’ Happened: I Can’t Take It Anymore

Winwin NCT Told About The Difficulty Of Having To Go On A Strict Diet While Still A SM Entertainment Trainee Until This Happened In The Past.

The trainee life of K-Pop idols is known to be very difficult to live. Not infrequently those who had painful experiences during trainees ranging from lack of sleep to strict diets.

This time, it was Winwin NCT who talked about how difficult it was to be asked to go on a strict diet during the trainee period . He was asked to always keep his body thin so he could only eat once a day.

“I remember when I was abroad (South Korea), I had to take care of my physique and be thin. I only ate one meal a day, and I ate very little at every meal. I ate things like boiled vegetables. It got to the point where I can’t take it anymore,” Winwin said on the “Star Chaser” show.

Winwin revealed that he had fainted while buying food at a restaurant. At first, he quickly came to his senses and made sure the people there were all right. However, after trying to stand up, Winwin fainted again.

“Then one day, I went to buy something to eat. When I got to the place to buy jajangmyeon, I suddenly fainted. Many people were queuing in front of the place to buy jajangmyeon,” the member of the NCT 127 and WayV sub unit said .

“I got there and I just passed out. After I passed out, people were like, ‘What happened? Are you okay?’. I came back to my senses and said I was fine,” Winwin said.

“When I stood up, I fainted again and I couldn’t remember where I was. The owner of the place quickly came and gave me a spoonful of white sugar, and I slowly regained consciousness,” explained the handsome idol born in 1997.

Winwin then immediately contacted NCT members to pick him up at that time. “I called my members and they came to pick me up. It was a tough time at that time,” admits Winwin

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