With A Bright Smile, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Makes Her Most Favorite Lipstick Beauty Product

As An Idol Who Is Known To Have A Bright Smile, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has A Positive Aura Whenever She Is In Public. This In Fact Makes You Curious What The Secret Behind It Is.

As an idol figure who has high popularity, BLACKPINK ‘s Jisoo is back in the center of attention because of her inspiring appearance. One of the charms is how he has a bright and beautiful smile in every appearance.

In an exclusive interview with Dior and Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup, Peter asked BLACKPINK’s Jisoo about her secret to shining bright all the time. Casually, Jisoo revealed that her secret is positive thinking.

“I always try to think positively, smile, and give a positive aura when I talk to other people,” said Jisoo.

There are many opportunities Jisoo’s bright smile lights up someone’s day. Be it when he’s on stage or just walking down the street. Wherever she goes, Jisoo’s smile connects her kindness to those around her. Even strangers noticed her smile first and fell in love.

Jisoo doesn’t just smile for others, her bright personality is a huge strength for herself. So this has carried him through these past six years as an idol whether through happy or difficult times.

“Even when things don’t go well, I try to cheer up and smile to overcome the difficulties,” said Jisoo.

Jisoo received not only comfort but also courage from her smile. That’s what makes him confident to face anything scary.

So because smiling is very important to Jisoo, the type of lipstick cosmetic is very important to her and it has been her favorite for a long time. And with her heart-shaped lips, lipstick is the best makeup to highlight Jisoo’s subtle beauty.

In carrying out the skincare routine that Jisoo does, she also likes lip scrubs to treat chapped lips. She also uses lip balm and lip tint to keep her lips moist while traveling.

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