Yeonjun TXT Until Jang Won Young IVE, Peek 8 Portraits Of Hit Idols Following The Low Rise Fashion Trend

Low Rise Is A Style Of Pants Designed In A Low Position Above Or Below The Hips And Was Hype In The 2000s. The Following Rows Of Idols Look Stunning When They Enliven This Fashion Trend.

A trend from the early 2000s that is recycled every day, it’s only a matter of time before the low rise pants style will return to fame. This trend, also known as “low cut jeans”, “lowriders” or “rap pants”, is a type of pants that go below the hips, usually at least 8 cm lower than the navel.

The low rise trend has emerged since the 1990s, in styles for both men and women, with increasing popularity in the West in the early 2000s. Several Korean celebrities also had time to try this trend, you know.

When it comes to fashion, K-Pop continues to prove that style has no gender. With trends coming and going, netizens have seen male and female idols wearing the same outfit. Here’s a row of celebs who have tried this style!

1. New The Boyz

One of the brands that is becoming increasingly popular among idols, Miu Miu in particular has caught the attention of netizens for bringing back the low rise trend . New The Boyz succeeded in breaking gender stereotypes by wearing a brown low rise Miu Miu. New poses like a top model who has successfully stolen the show. New showed his confidence with a low rise outfit and became the first male idol to wear it.

2. Jang Won Young IVE

In particular, IVE ‘s Jang Won Young has always liked to wear the Miu Miu brand, considering that he is the global ambassador of the brand. Therefore, it was not too surprising when last April this former IZ*ONE member graced the cover of Y Magazine in a low-rise Miu Miu skirt version. In his Instagram upload, Jang Won Young also often shows a portrait of himself wrapped in a thick brand with this low rise outfit .

3. YoonA

Besides Jang Won Young, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is also the brand ambassador of Miu Miu. Previously he underwent a photo shoot with Korean magazine ELLE wearing this fashion style. For most people wearing this outfit looks difficult to do, but YoonA did it effortlessly.


Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) also followed the trend of low rise pants by posing on the balcony and showing off her slim figure. Kai EXO ‘s former loverlooks sexy showing body goals to fans. On another occasion, Jennie took a look from sexy to cute when she appeared at the airport in pastel colors and baggy jeans that were slightly lowered to reveal her slim waist.

5. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

On March 27, Red Velvet successfully completed the first week of promotions for “Feel My Rhythm” on the ” Inkigayo ” stage . Netizens are also made fun of Seulgi ‘s perfect waist-to-hip ratio . Looks beautiful idol wearing a crop top combined with low rise pants that show a slim stomach.

6. Jeon Soyeon

Through the single “Tomboy”, the charismatic and edgy charms of (G)I-DLE members radiated to the maximum. Jeon Soyeon took it to the next level by following the low rise pants trend. Jeon Soyeon often steals attention because of her bold outfit. Previously he also stole attention for enlivening underboob fashion while undergoing a photo shoot with the concept of “Metaverse.”

7. Yoon STAYC

Several STAYC members have taken part in this trend, including Yoon who donned the iconic Miu Miu skirt. In the photo Yoon looks stunning with his cake girl style. J and Isa also had time to try this low rise style.

8. Yeonjun TXT

Yeonjun TXT uploaded a moment when he was on a beach. The idol under the auspices of HYBE Entertainment wore a casual outfit, a combination of a yellow sleeveless shirt with low rise jeans . Because of the style of his pants that went down, Yeonjun’s Calvin Klein underwear was also visible. He uploaded three happy portraits while enjoying the moment playing on the beach.

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