YooA Oh My Girl Gives A Shocking Message To Her Brother Who Appears On “Street Man Fighter”

YooA Oh My Girl’s Older Brother Actually Participated In ‘Street Man Fighter’ As One Of The YGX Dance Teams. YooA Also Showed Their Unique Relationship With A Striking Message For Her Sister.

Oh My Girl ‘s YooA left a video message for her older brother, Yoo Jun Sun, who is a member of the YGX dancers. Yoo Jun Sun himself is currently known to have participated in the survival show ” Street Man Fighter “.

YooA gave the video message when appearing as the 11th guest on the YouTube program “Yong-jin Health Center”. They also discussed about YooA’s older brother, Yoo Jun Sun, who was mentioned about participating in “Street Man Fighter”. MC Lee Yong Jin told YooA that he would definitely be associated with his older brother when appearing on “Street Man Fighter”.

“Once your sister appears on ‘SMF’, she will be introduced as YooA’s sister. Why don’t you give him a cheering message?” YooA showed the younger side in general with bitter comments, as well as the content of the video message.

“I hope you do well. Also, if I send you a long message via DM, please reply with a long message. I’m a bit sad because I tried hard to write it,” said YooA.

“He gets really angry when he talks about his brother, right?” Yongjin commented. But it actually sparked YooA’s enthusiasm to look at the camera to reveal the message to her sister again. “Also, it’s like he can’t dance because he just got out of the military. Admit that’s your current level!” YooA said.

Lee Yong Jin and dancer Gabee as the host also praised YooA for her cool attitude. They asked him if he visited his brother when he was in the army and said no. Then he was criticized, “You are also wrong.”

“There’s something I want to say. Hey brother, I often help you by calling your army friends. I also sent a video message from Oh My Girl,” YooA explained defensively.

Lee Yong-Jin and Gabee finally sided with YooA. He again caused laughter by looking into the camera and sending a “dying message”.

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