YooA Oh My Girl Supports ‘Street Man Fighter’ Contestants, Her Figure Revealed

Previously, YooA Oh My Girl Caused Fans’ Curiosity When She Made An Upload Showing The ‘Street Man Fighter’ Poster, And It Was Revealed Who The Figure She Supported Was.

Giving support to fellow celebrities sometimes has a different meaning and meaning. There are those who think it is a relationship limited to friends, there are also those who consider a lovestagram “code” which is then misunderstood by the public.

Like what YooA Oh My Girl did where she uploaded a poster from the Mnet show ” Street Man Fighter “. For this upload, many thought YooA was supporting someone special considering that the survival event was followed by all male participants.

However, not long from this YooA also gave the latest news. He quickly revealed that the person he is currently supporting on the show “Street Man Fighter” is his own older brother, Yoo Jun Sun.

Please note that Yoo Jun Sun is a young choreographer who is in the world of dancers. Yoo Jun Sun himself is the exclusive director of the famous 1 Million Dance Studio. In this event, Yoo Jun Sun joined the dance crew group YGX to achieve the mission of victory.

On Friday (8/7), it was seen that YooA posted on her Instagram Story a screenshot of the YGX group’s global evaluation mission video appearing on the show “Street Man Fighter”. He wrote, “Fighting Yoo Jun-sun. Don’t cry, Babu. ”

As is known, the YouTube channel 1 Million Dance Studio is one of the most successful choreographic educational content from South Korea. So many great choreographers join in and show off their signature style when performing a song. With Yoo Jun Sun joining, of course, this event will be more interesting. Given his background as the exclusive director of 1 Million Dance Studio.

Besides, in this spin-off survival program of ” Street Woman Fighter ” many idol participants participated. Like one of them Zelo and Jongup former BAP members , Kino Pentagon , Hoya ex INFINITE , and many more.

This event is eagerly awaited considering the success of “Street Woman Fighter” continues to mushroom and succeed. In fact, now the dance crew who graduated from “Street Woman Fighter” continues to gain popularity and hold a live reunion concert.

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