YoonA Is The Most Aggressive, SNSD Has A Fierce Debate On ‘Soshi Tam Tam’ Just Because Of A Jacket

In The ‘Soshi Tam Tam’ Program, Seven SNSD Members Were Involved In A Heated Argument While On Their Way. YoonA Became The Most Gassy To Invite Everyone’s Laughter.

The members of SNSD ( Girls’ Generation ) finally appeared on the television program together in ” Soshi Tam Tam ” which aired on July 5. Minus Seohyun , the seven members argue fiercely on the way to somewhere.

While in the car, Tae Yeon cs chatted while playing light games. The seven of them played a dating balance game based on MBTI, in this case only YoonA , Sooyoung and Seohyun were extroverts.

The conversation went on, until Sunny brought up the debate about padding jackets. YoonA emerged as the most furious, where her unnie had not finished speaking she shouted, “I can’t!”

But in the end YoonA asked for an explanation. Sunny also revealed that there was a debate about whether or not her boyfriend could help zip up a friend’s padding jacket.

“Let’s say on one very cold winter day, he had a hard time zipping up his padding jacket. So your girlfriend helped him unzip…” Sunny explained.

The SNSD members burst out laughing when YoonA excitedly exclaimed, “No way!”

Even YoonA hit her own chair when she repeated her refusal. Tiffany , who was sitting in the back, chimed in, “How is that possible?”

Sunny then gave an example where a boyfriend could help a friend unzip his jacket. “If he’s going to freeze to death, then he can help zip up only five centimeters,” he said.

Adding to the heat of the debate, Sooyoung suddenly brought up one more topic, “How about shoelaces?” An objected Sunny almost threw down her water bottle and shouted, “Why?”

Because of not agreeing, YoonA shouted again firmly while hitting her chair again. The other members also agreed that boyfriends shouldn’t tie their girlfriends’ shoelaces no matter the situation.

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