YouTuber Sojang Accuses There Is A Kiss Mark On Winter’s Neck After Dating Rumors Sticking Out

According To YouTuber Sojang, The Kiss Mark On Winter’s Neck Was Seen When Aespa Was Having An Interview With A Magazine. He Confirmed That He Edited At All.

Winter is currently reaping the suspicion of dating because he is always seen holding a cellphone on various occasions. Even the latest rumors say that the AESPA member is dating a fellow idol, NCT ‘s Jaehyun .

However, until this news was released, SM Entertainment had not yet responded. This made the suspicion even bigger and even YouTuber Sojang again spread information about the kiss mark on Winter’s neck.

According to YouTuber Sojang, the kiss mark on Winter’s neck was seen when Aespa was having an interview with a magazine. The YouTuber insists that he didn’t do any editing at all.

“The original version was edited so brightly. I didn’t edit anything. I prepared it so you can see it well. If you look at it, it’s hard to see the winter kiss marks because it’s covered by hair,” said YouTuber Sojang.

The YouTuber added, “Camera angles are usually invisible. This was the moment when I thought ‘Wait’ when Winter turned to Ningning a lot. I’m sure she was wearing makeup to cover up the kiss marks.”

But according to YouTuber Sojang, the former kiss mark is clearly visible every time Winter turns his head. The YouTuber was sure that it wasn’t a mosquito bite by comparing the picture of Winter’s kiss mark with photos of people being bitten by insects.

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