Yura Girl’s Day Sweet Supported By Song Hye Kyo During Exhibition, 10 Korean Celebrities Revealed To Be Good At Painting

It Was A Pleasant Surprise To Know That An Idol Is Not Only Talented On Stage, But Also Talented In Painting. Recently, Yura Girl’s Day Held An Exhibition And Received Sweet Support From Song Hye Kyo.

On Monday (23/8), Song Hye Kyo via Instagram Stories revealed that she had attended the Yura Girl’s Day painting exhibition . Song Joong Ki ‘s ex-wife invites her pet to participate. Tagging Yura on her Instagram story, Song Hye Kyo posted several photos of the idol’s artwork and congratulated her.

On the other hand, the figure of Yura who is good at painting successfully amazed. He is indeed a multitalented figure who is not only good at dancing, singing, acting but also painting. He often shares portraits of his activities while working with paints and brushes. Yura even has a special Instagram account to store her work, namely @yul__and . Showing her seriousness in the world of painting, Yura finally held an exhibition.

On the other hand, it is a pleasant surprise to know that an idol is not only talented on stage, but also talented in painting. There are several K-pop idols to actors who are known to be amazing artists. Some of them even go to exhibitions and sell their works, anyone?

1. Mino WINNER

Song Min Ho is not only known as the mainstay rapper of WINNER (II) but also as a skilled painter. His artwork was exhibited at London’s Saatchi Gallery as part of the “STARTNET Korean Eye 2020” project. The owner of the stage name Mino became the first Korean idol whose paintings were exhibited in the gallery. Mino started his career as an artist by participating in the “SEEA (Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists) event in 2019.

2. Jung Hae In

Actor Jung Hae In likes to show off his casual paintings of nature through his personal Instagram uploads. In addition to how spectacular the painting was, fans were surprised by the fact that Jung Hae In painted it casually without any guidelines as if he was used to it.


SEVENTEEN ‘s The8 (II) is a member who has an interest in art. Through Instagram uploads, The8 shows the results of his paintings and sketches. During a photo shoot as well as an interview with ARENA magazine, he was asked where he got his inspiration for art and was answered that painting is just a way to express his emotions.

4. Seulgi RED VELVET

Singing and dancing are not the only RED VELVET Seulgi ‘s impressive talents. He is also an impressive artist. He often shares his work on his Instagram page. Seulgi has amazing skills in the world of painting and learns drawing techniques, one of which is pointillism. Because of his expertise, Seulgi even collaborated with Maronie Books to translate the art book trilogy by Shana Gonzansky.

5. Jungkook BTS

Jungkook is another artist who is quite famous for his artistic abilities. He had time to show off his talent in ” BTS In The Soop “. He tried to paint landscapes with techniques he learned from watching videos of American painter Bob Ross. The results of Jungkook’s paintings succeeded in making Bangtan Boys memberssurprised because they were exactly the original scenery.

6. Yuna ITZY

Shin Yuna is ITZY ‘s maknae who has many skills. Yuna was also a floorball award-winning athlete before debuting and even doing ballet. Yuna’s talent doesn’t end there, she is also an extraordinary painter who has developed her own art style. Yuna’s extraordinary artwork also circulated on the internet and amazed the public.

7. Ha Ji Won

In April 2021, Ha Ji Won officially debuted as a painter . He is known to have a hobby of painting since the last five years. Ha Ji Won’s debut work even sold at an undisclosed price and received positive reviews from art experts. Through his Instagram uploads, Ha Ji Won is also increasingly fond of showing his paintings.

8. Ha Yeon Soo

Actress Ha Yeon Soo showcased the work she has been working on since 2016. She also held her first solo exhibition from November 16 to November 30, 2021 with the theme “Shape of Memory”. There had been a rumor that the star of the drama ” Monstar ” was trying to start a new chapter in his life as a painter and not a celebrity anymore.

9. Hyunjin Stray Kids

Hyunjin of STRAY KIDS is gaining attention for his outstanding painting skills. On Instagram, he shows STAYs the full process of creating one of his amazing works. Even the famous Hollywood actor, Hugh Jackman praised Hyunjin’s paintings. “You are an amazing artist,” he wrote.

10. Ku Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun is known to be quite skilled in painting andbillions of rupiah in profit from selling her work. Ahn Jae Hyun ‘s ex-wifeis known to have artistic skills from a young age and even dreamed of going to an art high school. He has been actively drawing fine paintings.

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